Circuit Breaker

This array of Circuit breakers has been specially developed to safeguard electrical circuit against over current, short circuit and power overload. Based on voltage level, these circuit protection solutions are offered for high voltage and low voltage electrical circuit boards.  DC power based version of these electrical products is useful for constant voltage. This specific version of Circuit Breakers is used for smooth operation of battery controlled electric circuit and UPS systems. AC based variant of these products is used for high power motor for handling negative and positive voltage.  This array of products is used for managing switching load of various commercial structures and industrial buildings. Advanced mechanism of these electric circuit protectors is useful to avoid damage of transformer, industrial equipments, generators and capacitors. These highly sensitive products are instrumental in extending service life of various equipments by acting as a perfect shield against excessive current. These switch controlled products have adjustable parameters that can be set.

We are mainly accepting bulk orders.
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